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Dr. Lampson has over 20 years experience providing individual, couples, family, and group therapy. Does experience make a difference? The research indicates that experience shortens the length of therapy and streamlines the process.  Experience also seems to help with diagnosis in more complex cases in which a person may be dealing with more than one thing such as trauma and an eating disorder. Dr. Lampson sees a wide variety of patients, most of whom have some degree of anxiety or depression, however, she has some special interest areas:

  • People who would like couples therapy.
  • Couples in which one person has an eating disorder history or struggles with food, compulsive exercise, weight, or body image. 
  • People who have experienced trauma. Dr. Lampson uses EMDR with people interested in this therapy, but employs other therapies to treat trauma as well. 
  • People who have chronically dieted without being able to maintain weight loss
  • People with eating disorders - anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating disorder, muscle dysmorphia. 
  • People who are interested in integrating their faith with their psychotherapy

Dr. Lampson also loves to present talks and workshops related to her work. Please reach out if you would like her to speak to your organization. 

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