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COVID-19 has changed our lives in many unexpected ways. I want to be able to provide therapy to help you manage the anxiety and grief that may come in the months ahead. I am now offering telementalhealth for people in Washington State so that you can have support and help from your home using a computer or smart phone. Please contact me if you are interested. 


The way this works is that I schedule the appointment and then send you an e-mail with a link that allows you to enter a virtual waiting room. When it is time for your appointment, you click on the link and then I will "come and get you" from the waiting room and we will start the session. You will be able to see me on the screen and hear me speaking and I will be able to see  and hear you.

I have found that this type of therapy works amazingly well. People seem very comfortable in their homes. They use headphones for privacy and can also not be on video if they prefer - just cover the camera on your computer or turn your phone another direction. If you have reservations, I suggest you try it at least one time. It may be the therapy of the future for awhile. I hope not, but these are unusual times. I want to be able to continue to provide support and therapy for you during these difficult circumstances. 

PLEASE NOTE:For individual sessions, most insurance companies are covering this type of therapy - if you are concerned please check with your insurance company. 

PLEASE NOTE: People seeking couples therapy from me who are not already in individual therapy with me need to be aware that couples therapy is not billable to insurance.

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