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Low-Cost Counseling

Thre is a low cost counseling clinic at Northwest University called NUhope. I am one of the clinical supervors for the clinic. One of my goals is to help students learn how to treat people with eating disoders, consequently NUhope is offering low cost counsling for people with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, or other eating problems. The fee for services starts as low as $10 per session. Pease contact NUhope directly via the NUhope website, phone (425-889-5261) or e-mail me if you are interested in low cost counseling for eating disorders or call NUhope directly. 

NUhope also provides counseling for other mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, couples issues, and self-esteem issues. The student therapists are trained to do psychological assessment under the supervision of a very experienced licensed psychologist. Low-cost psychological assessment is availabe here as well. Please visit the NUhope website or call 425-889-5261.

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